OneScreen for Business

At IkonMytri, we are a reputable online learning platform provider that helps you build a user-friendly e-learning platform for your enterprise with OneScrean. OneScreen is a prominent E-learning platform that builds robust and easily accessible platforms to help organizations of all sizes offer training to their students, employees, partners, or customers. We create flexible and innovative solutions for online learning management and corporate education. The platform is engineered to assist the most challenging demands of the current corporate education scenario. With years of experience in the business, we have both dedication and commitment to provide easy to use platform that will surely add value to your business.

OneScreen is suited for large enterprises with a high number of users as it offers easy customization options and many other features that make it a versatile platform. Collaboration is key for any organization to work in synchronization and perform as a team, OneScreen has a wide range of collaboration options. An ideal platform for business training for every team and company, with hassle-free setup, host multiple virtual training sessions, save training material for future reference, and much more. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your online business training then look no further than OneScreen.

Why OneScreen for Business

All-in-One Solution
Have you ever imagined that collaborating with your team will be possible in just a click? Not only video conferencing or voice calls but also data transfer, interactions through a whiteboard, real-time annotations, screen sharing, creating polls and surveys, record training, save hug data are just a glimpse of the amazing features that OneScreen offers.
Easy to Use
Whether you are a tech-savvy or not, OneScreen is just as easy as using your computer but on a large touch screen. Anyone and everyone can easily work on it. Our platform is curated to ensure a smooth experience and can be adopted effortlessly by trainers, managers, and learners. Training, tracking growth, and measuring results have never been so simple.
OneScreen is a highly compatible platform that includes easy integration with Android, Windows, Mac, IOS, and Chrome OS. It has a responsive design that scalable with all types of hardware and software available. It is built with the latest technology and according to current web standards. We make sure that users won’t have any compatibility issues while configuring our platform.
Our team of experts provides complete support and training to our clients. Whatever may be the issue or doubt, you can contact our professionals and seek their advice for free via audio, video, chat, phone call, or email. Our customer service executives are always available for your help and will try to work around the solution as fast as possible.

Key Features of OneScreen for Business

Video Conferencing & Collaboration

Video Conferencing & Collaboration

OneScreen has made video conferencing and collaboration very easy for companies. There is an interactive smart screen which is the central meeting point and all the collaborative functionals and can happen through the screen.

Now your staff can work freely from anywhere, using any platform and at any time and still be connected. So, whether there is an issue or any important decision that needs your team members together then don’t worry collaborate through OneScreen and get your work going.

Interactive White Board

With OneScreen’s Interactive White Board, you can do the innumerable task with just touch the screen and without the need of a single device or wire, isn’t it amazing…!

You can drag am and drop files, write notes on the board and it will be converted into professional documents, search the web, highlight notes, play-and-pause videos, record sessions. and much more. It is one of the best ways to collaborate with your team, it can Livestream up to 50 connections.

Interactive White Board
Annotation Business

Annotation for All Programs

While giving presentations or during a session, if you feel to add some tips or more details to your presentation you can easily do it with a floating annotation toolbar. This toolbar allows you to add notes on anything present on the screen whether its graphics or a paused video. 

OneScreen gives you the freedom to save and share files in various formats and rework, reopen, or even re-save them at any moment. Customizing files as per your wish has never been so easy.

Screen Sharing

If you miss working in a team and discussing face-to-face with your colleagues, then you need not worry now. With the screen sharing option in OneScreen you can easily share your screen with your team and avoid any misunderstanding in your work. 

Audio communication doesn’t always work, so screen sharing offers you a better way to work together. Just in a click connect to 4 devices together without any wires. Broadcast sessions from any location at any time.

Screen Sharing - Business
Polling and Reporting - business

Polling and Reporting

Create polls to get consensus and get on-screen results in no time. You can even create quick surveys for your team with real-time questions and one-click answers. OneScreen enables you to create reports in various formats and share them with your team. 

Build your employee attendance reports or their performance in a super-easy way. All these functions are very simple and quick and make your work fast and convenient.

Full Access to Google Play

OneScreen interactive whiteboard is no less than an efficient Android tablet. It’s just big in screen size but gives you way more options and customization facilities. You can even access Google play on our platform and download any app from there. 

The download can be done quickly on the spot and you can make your work more dynamic. Thus, OneScreen offers a powerful set of tools that has technologically empowered both learners and teachers.

Full Access to Google Play

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