OneScreen for Education

IkonMytri is a professional education consulting firm and a distributor of OneScreen, an online learning platform. We provide learning solutions to help educational institutions facilitate their distance learning system and thereby keeping pace with the rapidly changing education scenario. OneScreen E-learning platform allows educators and trainers to create a specific online space and build the courses according to their needs. The teacher can create lessons, presentations, reports, and many more features that make online learning much interactive and interesting for the students.

We strive to offer the latest learning technologies and tools to open up new horizons and support innovative teaching practices. OneScreen E-learning platform allows complete control of the teachers on communication, course content, automation, and more. One device contains all that is needed to create a dynamic class from multimedia course content such as images, videos, and audios to interactive whiteboard and screen sharing. We have an excellent team that supports our customers in the best possible way and is always available, not only to resolve any issues but also to guide you through to any difficulties using OneScreen. Our exquisite solutions empower our customers to manage and offer knowledge in a most diverse learning environment.

Why OneScreen for Education

Distance Learning
Digital platforms being seamlessly compatible has made distance learning easy and compelling. They allow a great deal of creativity and convenience. OneScreen for education offers a wide array of features such as creating interactive presentations, offer training, brainstorming sessions to anyone with any download requirement. Online education has opened up new ways of teaching and gaining educational opportunities
OneScreen platform is a great way of connecting with students in various forms. Teachers can annotate on documents, presentations, or whiteboards, they can record lessons for future reference and save it in various formats. It has made class organization fast, saves a lot of time, and give more options to collaborate with students. Collaborative learning offers better interaction and generates new ideas for everyone.
Unlike traditional teaching practices, e-learning platforms offer various ways of sharing information. Whether it is sending messages to parents or sharing study materials, one tool offers all. OneScreen offers a simple screen sharing option and users can stream up to 4 for devices at a time in the same room or remote locations. This makes learning accessible to all, anywhere, and anytime.
On-Demand Help
We offer complete support for our OneScreen platform users. Our team of experts is always available to resolve customers' issues during a class via the OneScreen platform or before or after the class. We provide help in various forms such as audio, video, chat, or email support. Our clients can approach us in whichever suitable way, we are always at your disposal.

Key Features of OneScreen for Education


Centralize & Modernize Classroom

OneScreen offers a single platform for all the multimedia activities for a classroom. This gives a great opportunity to the students to enter this new arena of digital learning and collaborating.

They can experience learning form their home at anytime and in any environment. It also offers a wider scope for teachers to creative interactive lessons using real world events and use unique learning styles using multimedia. This new way of educating simplifies communication and enhances student engagement to a different level.

Interactive Smart Screen

Now learning is not limited to four walls of the classrooms, e-learning has given a new horizon to education. Multimedia such as live videos and audios has made it possible for a student to study from any location and collaborate with their classmates.

With smart whiteboards, it’s possible to write notes, add captions or highlight notes to live presentation. No wires or device needed, just set up the board and start your classes with drag-and-drop, google search and play and pause video features.

Interactive Screen
Annotation Education

Annotation for All Programs

OneScreen is a complete platform with the latest technological features. One such feature is the floating annotation toolbar. It’s one of the distinctive tools in OneScreen that allows the teacher to add notes or information on the share they share with the student.

 This feature works with graphics or even with paused videos. Another time saving and excellent feature of OneScreen is saving and sharing files in multiple formats. It allows to re-save, rework, and reopen files multiple times.

Screen Sharing

Distance learning concepts may seem like one to one learning, but thanks to the technology this notion has evolved now. Virtual classes can be conducted the same as traditional classes. Bring your students together on the same platform and let them learn together.

OneScreen platform offers a wireless platform for online classes and users can connect up to 4 devices together without plugging in. Teachers can even broadcast their classes from anywhere. A class can have multi-presenters without any disruptions.

Screen Sharing
Polling and Reporting

Polling and Reporting

Teaching is not only about creating lessons, but there needs to be some competitive environment. Teachers can create this environment with OneScreen. Whether it is tested, quizzes, or assessments, teachers can create various projects. 

With the assurance that answers with be hidden. Creating survey questions for students that can be answered just by a click in real-time or you can change the setting for complex surveys and give some time for the answers. OneScreen also offers a wide range of formats for building student reports that can be easily shared with the administrators or students.

Access All the Apps in Google Play

In today’s time, we cannot think about ourselves without Google or mobile applications. So, if you are a teacher and what something unique for your next class, then you can easily open Google Play Store in OneScreen and download any app.

Teachers can easily use this feature by configuring the smart screen teaching tool and can even login with their own Google account. It will be as easy as having an Android device and have a large number of options to make their class more interesting and fun.

Access All the Apps in Google Play
Translation and Transcription

Translation and Transcription

Just as we said anyone can use this platform for learning, we meant that. Even language is not the barrier now. OneScreen has an amazing built-in translation and transcription software, so now nothing can stop learning.

Now learning and gaining knowledge is possible for anyone. Precise notes can be made of a particular class or session and can be stored for future references. OneScreen is transforming the traditional education system and bringing new experiences for the students and teachers.

Attendance Management

Tracking attendance of students is one of the most important aspects of any class. The first thing in a classroom is a teacher taking attendance and a lot of time of the class is gone in this process but distance learning has changed this concept.

OneScreen offers auto self-attendance software in which students can check in on their own and there is no scope for cheating. Administrators can easily generate an attendance report at any time.


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