About us

Who We Are?

IkonMytri Services is a Bengaluru based firm specializing in several functional areas such as Educational consulting, BPO, HR services, recruitment services, and more. While we operate in varied sectors, our flexible business approach means that we are proficient at identifying and fulfilling the current market demands. Since our establishment in 2019, we have earned a reputation for quality and adherence to our core values. We aim to offer a high standard of services to all our clients as per their needs. Our mission is to support our clients in achieving their business goals and generate sales through excellent services.

With our educational consulting services, we entered the online education sector and became the distributor of the OneScreen online learning platform. We are alert with the evolving market and try to keep up the industry standards. We also developed a food app for corporate catering. With a solid foundation already laid, we continue to make IkonMytri a one-stop destination for various businesses and organizations. We pride ourselves on being innovative and updated with the latest market trends. Whether it be BPO services or recruitment services, we strive to maintain a standard of excellence in all our services.


Our aim is to enable this digital transformation and help in creating better online space for learning and growth. We strive to build long-term customer relations with our exceptional services, interaction, and support.


We take pride in the solutions we have developed for our clients. Our vision is to provide unparalleled services for the long-run with complete support and management. At IkonMytri, we feel privileged to be a part of the industry that derives education with modern means of technology.

The IkonMytri Story

IkonMytri Services Private Limited started in 2019 as a recruitment firm, but we evolved, changed, and expanded with the changing times and business requirements. Explore our timeline below to find out how we achieved milestones and continue to thrive and progress as a passionate team.

April 2019

We Started as a Recruitment Firm

Our journey began in the year 2019 as a Recruitment Firm, intending to offer our clients an exquisite service by offering first-class advice on local job markets, latest trends, and salary information. Our focus was to create a transparent marketplace for locals and executives. But the change was inevitable and for the betterment of our firm, we moved to the next step.

April 2019

August 2019

Acquired Distribution of OneScreen for PAN India

With the evolving digital era, we also went with the flow and acquired the Distribution of OneScreen for PAN India in August 2019. OneScreen an e-learning platform developed to provide online classrooms for trainers, students, executives, or anyone who wants to provide online classes. We believe that online learning is the future and we have the potential to provide the best to our customers.

August 2019

December 2019

Introduced Corporate Catering Services

We believe that local restaurants take great pride in serving traditional and great varieties of food. So, we wished to create a bridge between food ventures and the corporate world by providing food catering to various corporate events and functions. Also, we introduced a Food App named RŪHA for Corporate Catering that is under development.

December 2019

March 2020

We Continue to Grow as a BPO Services

In March 2020, we entered into BPO Services. We know what it takes to keep a large organization call center operating at its optimum level. With an objective to provide excellent BPO Services to our clients, we entered this field. We have the capability to fulfill both BPO Services and workforce optimization requirements.

March 2020

Our Products and Services

  • OneScreen for Education
  • OneScreen for Business
  • OneScreen GoSafe
  • Recruitment Services
  • BPO Services

OneScreen offers impeccable online learning solutions for schools and other educational institutions. At IkonMytri, we offer OneScreen services at an affordable price and can customize the platform according to the specific needs of the teachers. We aim to bring collaborative online learning to all the educators and aspirants. We provide complete customer support and guidance in order to use this platform effectively.


OneScreen for Business is a boon for enterprises of all sizes. It makes remote communication much easier and affordable. A single tool that offers a wide variety of features to facilitate the collaboration of remote teams. We offer exclusive services to help organizations enhance their capabilities and productivity without any location barriers.


We offer OneScreen GoSafe temperature & facial recognition scanner installation services at your organization, schools, and other public places. It recognizes the elevated body temperatures and can help you prevent the intruders in your facility. OneScreen GoSafe has a powerful thermal camera and an industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera that is supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core processor with On-Device AI.


IkonMytri also offers recruitment and HR services to various organizations whether large or small sized. No need to hire more resources for HR or recruitment services, we have a team of experienced professionals who will do the job for you. Whether its hiring new employees or monitoring current employee performance, we can do it all.


At IkonMytri, we work with distinct industry verticals to help our clients find the best solutions. We offer BPO services for various sectors, that enable organizations to focus on their business and we take care of all their work processes. What makes our BPO services standout are the core values such as customer relationships and great operational management.

What We Stand For

Improve Productivity & Collaboration

With our exclusive services, we aim to improve the productivity of your organization. Our team constantly works to offer complete client satisfaction. Our OneScreen platforms help to improve collaboration and communication throughout the enterprises.

Responsibility and Integrity

We strongly believe that professionalism is the essence of the client relationship. We try to maintain honest and open communication while delivering our services. This is what supports our vision and mission and helps us succeed in the long run.


We don’t just sell our services but we understand our client requirements and then try to find the best solution as per their needs. We think, plan, and develop ideas for our customers and thus, deliver the appropriate results.


We are always looking for better, innovative ways to help and support our clients. Whether it is welcoming the latest technology or groundbreaking the way we offer our services, we are always open to new ideas.