Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

IkonMytri is one of the reputed recruitment firms, dedicated to serving diverse companies looking to expand their workforce. Our services are dynamic and responsive to the constantly changing demands of the global market. Businesses are recognizing the need for hiring progressive and talented resources, who can adapt to the challenges of the industry. With our expertise, we have the capability of finding the right resources as per the needs of the organizations. Our recruitment services are aligned with industry standards and specific demands. We make sure to find resources that are a valuable addition to the company and are self-motivated to contribute to the success and growth of the organization.

When you choose IkonMytri for recruitment services, you can rest assured that we will provide professional services with complete commitment and dedication until the end of the services. We understand that hiring and expanding the business can be a difficult process, thus, we make sure to take the load off your shoulders and make the hiring process as smooth as possible. We follow a comprehensive procedure to find a suitable candidate for the specified position. From start to finish, we assist the candidates and the organizations, to make sure that both the entities are satisfied with our services. We serve a wide range of industries and help them find the resources for several fields such as executive staff, managers, support teams, and different levels of employees.

Available Recruitment Services

Executive Search

If you are looking to hire executives for your firm, you can rely on us for finding suitable executives as per your demands. Our recruitment team has experience and expertise to handpick the right candidate for the large pool of talent. To stay ahead in the current market, we keep track of the latest trends in recruitment and constantly enhance our approach.

Senior & Middle Level Hiring

We know how important and crucial is the senior and middle-level hiring process. We have a proven track record for delivering exceptional results in provide suitable resources for various industries. We combine our industry knowledge and skills with our meticulously crafted recruitment process. We deploy a professional recruitment team to streamline and execute senior and middle-level hiring process.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Whether you are looking for a temporary recruiter or full team of recruiters for your organization, you can count on us. Our team has the expertise to recognize the talent and shape them as per your requirements. You can handover your recruitment process to us and stay rest assured that your work is in trusted hands.

Talent Mapping

To make sure that your organization has the appropriate resources for all the roles, we offer a customized talent mapping service. With our talent mapping process, we offer segregated profiles that best match your organization. We assist your hiring team on every step in assessing the selected profiles by us. Take a strategic approach and find the right people with our talent mapping services.

Database Research

Database plays a vital role in any organization. Thus, companies need to have the right resources for their database research. Our professionals help you in searching the reliable resources for your database team. We can also offer support in database research and help you achieve the desired results without the need for hiring more resources.

Recruiter Training Programmes

Significant recruitments happen when recruiters are focused and experienced in sourcing, evaluating, and selecting the talented candidate. To achieve this success, recruiters need to have appropriate training. At IkonMytri, we offer recruiter training programs that are structured and target-oriented. Our program is designed to improve the skills and performance of budding recruiters.

Our Industry Focus


IT and IT-enabled services are in-demand always. We offer IT candidates that have the complete skill set ranging from basic technical support to high level IT needs. We provide resources that are well-suited to the organization and can fulfill the demands of this challenging profile.


FMCG is an ever-growing sector and needs a lot of resources for various kinds of roles. We support FMGC clients with experienced candidates as per their requirements. We can help you find suitable store managers, storekeepers. Cashiers. customer services executives, etc for your FMCG organization.


Aerospace is a very specialized sector. Finding the right resources can be a daunting task. We have the experience and professionals to help you hire suitable candidates. Whether you are looking for engineers, administration staff, or any other specific role, we can help you fill in the role.


As recruiters in the Robotics field, we know that this profile requires special skill sets. Thus, we offer excellent staffing and recruitment services for Robotics related companies. We have the expertise to recruit skilled professionals through a strategic process. We have a proven track record for our recruitment services.


The semiconductor industry is a rapidly changing sector and thus, the candidates need to be adaptive to adopt the technological changes. With our systematic recruitment process, we can find the best individuals from the semiconductor profile and fulfill your organizational demands.

Software Development

Software development is a vast sector with various roles and technologies. Finding the right developer can be a tedious and time-consuming task. We have a team of experts who can help the software development firms to find skilled and talented IT professionals and developers.

BPO/US IT Recruitment

Today, the BPO industry has a high standard and great demand. When it comes to recruiting BPO or US IT candidates, you can trust us for offering exceptional services. We are pioneers in BPO services and thus, we understand the need of the right candidate.

Our Recruitment Process

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We consult with our clients regarding their hiring requirements. Find out various job specifications such as role, responsibilities, level, package, job structure, and expected candidate profile. We also decide milestones and deadlines for finding the candidate and strive to stick to that in the entire process.

With our wide database and connections in the industry, we try to find suitable candidates for your organization. We also use various online tools and social networks for the search. Our team has the experience to search the right places and identify the potentials.

After searching and filtering the right profiles, we perform a deep evaluation of the candidate’s background, experience, skills, and more. When we are fully satisfied with the evaluation process then we move forward with the selection process. It involves screens and telephonic interviews.

Once we finish the selection process, we discuss the profile of the prospects with your organization. We provide a complete profile review, highlights of the interview, and our analysis. Once you are satisfied with our selection then we arrange an interview with the candidate with you.

After the final interview, we notify the candidates of their interview results, whether positive or negative, we give them complete information. If selected then we move forward for further procedures of joining and resolving any queries of the prospects of the clients.

When we say we offer complete services, we mean that. Thus, after completion of the recruitment process, we keep in touch with the organization as well as with the candidate and take updates regarding the job. We make sure that our clients are satisfied and if they need any support, we are there to assist them.

Why IkonMytri

IkonMytri specializes in various industries, delivering exceptional services. We are dedicated to providing high standard services at all times. Our innovative and flexible business approach makes us one of the versatile firms. From recruiting prospects to offering outsourcing services, we are adept at identifying the industry’s requirements. To stay competitive, we invest in our resources and people and thus, ensure the use of the latest tools and technology in all our processes. We remarkably optimize your recruitment process and thereby, increasing overall placement success. Our recruitment process is a complete cycle that involves everything from searching and identifying the prospects, to screening, pipelining, and sourcing.

Our goal is to offer excellent innovative solutions to our clients for better results. Hence, we are constantly learning, updating, and training our team to keep up the standards. We have a well-planned, strategic approach and we make sure to offer unparalleled services. Our vision is guided by factors such as innovation, flexibility, transparency, trust, and open communication. We are committed to follow our vision and mission in all our services and give our clients the best service experience. Our team is focused on providing excellence while being motivated and positive throughout the process.

Recruitment Service