BPO Services

BPO Services

IkonMytri offers a wide range of BPO services to various industries. Whether it is a large organization or a mid-sized business, we provide complete customized solutions. Our professional BPO staff is committed to working round-the-clock to meet our client’s specific requirements. With years of experience and trusted manpower, we have evolved as the next generation BPO solution provider with all the facilities under one name. Today maximum organizations are looking to outsource their business process and get most out of it. At IkonMytri, we make sure that our services will make a difference and will a driving factor in your business success and growth. Our solutions are designed to fulfill diverse demands for our customers.

We offer BPO services that can transform your business returns through automation, innovation, and result-driven performance. We strive to add value to your business with our proficient outsourcing solutions at affordable prices along with a team of dedicated and reliable professionals in your support at all times. We ensure complete confidentiality, data security, and the highest measures for quality control. Every organization wants to reduce its payroll and extra expenses to make a difference in their profits. Our outsourcing services will solve your purpose and allow you to focus on your business strategies and ways to generate higher revenue. Thus, organizations can focus on their core business process and we with efficiently handle their non-core processes.

Why to Outsource with IkonMytri

  • At IkonMytri, we offer prompt solutions to any kind of project that is outsourced to us
  • Along with a high standard of work, we maintain consistency in all our services
  • We constantly strive to innovate our services to give better user experience to our clients
  • We aim to offer first-class outsourcing services in a cost-effective manner
  • We keep our attention toward making business processes easier for our clients
  • We believe in growing together and thus, our focus is on increasing productivity rates
  • Experienced and competent team to offer continuous support and guidance

Our Specialization in BPO Services

Back office services can be considered as the backbone of any organization. They may not be the core business but are essential to run the business. IkonMytri offers personalized back-office services to improve your business without extra investment on onboard resources. Whether it is data entry, settlements, payrolls, or record maintenance, we can do it all.

Invoice factoring can be tedious and stressful work for organizations. Thus, we can come into rescue and take the overload of chasing customers for unpaid invoices and thereby improving the cash flow of your company. With our factoring services, you can save a lot of time in managing invoices, moreover, we can even manage the credit-control of your organization.

IkonMytri also offers underwriting services to insurance companies. Certain insurance organizations lack the necessary expertise to carry their day-to-day functions. Underwriting is a crucial process and an expensive one, but with us, you can ensure that your work is in trusted hands with domain expertise. From business process management to advances analytics services, we offer all at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to manage your company’s accounts and finances, then you are in the right place. We have the experience and capability to accurately maintain accounts and finance of all types of industries. We provide the team that can precisely offer analysis and reports of your income and expenditures and helps you streamline your account functions.

Get relieved and reduce the administrative workload with our HR solutions. Our HR services are curated to strengthen businesses with our constant support and excellent employee management services. We offer custom-made HR infrastructure to meet your companies varied HR needs. Whether it is administration, cost management, or hiring or training new employees, we can do it all.

IT infrastructure management is a vast area that includes various processes that make it difficult for many organizations to handle on their own. Thus, IkconMytri offers a complete package for infrastructure management. From datacentre management and application support to technical support, we can manage all within your budget.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our Industry Focus


The need to enhance, support, manage and maintain network infrastructure many organizations opt to take extra support from outsourcing companies. Get the support of experienced networking professionals to make most of the latest technology while focusing on their main business operations. Increase your revenue and improve your network performance without the hassle of hiring new resources.


If you are looking for flexible strategies to enhance customer experience and optimize business processes for your telecom company, then we can help. Our outsourcing solutions for the telecom industry include policies to acquire new clients, retain old customers, optimize investments, manage costs, and more. We offer all types of services related to telecommunications, broadband, cable, wireless, and more.


IkonMytri offers excellent salesforce managed services using the latest technology and experienced service providers. Increase your business productivity and efficiency with our salesforce outsourcing services. We can help you in a wide range of operations such as human resources, accounting, resource management, etc through the salesforce platform. Our team will assist you to meet the challenging market requirements and improve customer experience.

Consumer Goods

If you are a consumer brand and looking for ways to improve your customer relationships and make your brand a bigger success, then we can help. We offer a range of outsourcing services such as managing workflow, supply chain, improve customer engagement, enhance compliance, etc. We can streamline all other types of processes to increase your revenue and reduce overhead costs.

Health and Insurance

Our health and insurance BPO services are designed to help organizations with experienced resources and support in their policy setup, sales, back office, policy account servicing, etc. To stay ahead in this challenging industry, clients need to enhance their customer services, operation scalability, and productivity. We work closing with our clients to help them achieve their business goals.

Medical Services

Medicine is a vast industry and its administration can be a tedious job. IkonMytri can help you with your healthcare administration and let you focus on core healthcare services. Improve your revenue process, enhance the patient experience, uplift financial performance, and simplify all other administrative services with the help of healthcare BPO professionals.

Kitchen and Food Delivery

Whether you are starting your food business or you are an established name in the food industry, we can help you with a wide pool of options to boost your business. Make your day-to-day operations easy and relaxed with our kitchen and food delivery services. We can deliver your food on time and ensure customer satisfaction. We also have a corporate catering app RUHA.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism are a fast-paced and ever-increasing industry. It has a very client database and is constantly dealing with high customer demands. With our BPO services for this industry, we can offer call center services for better communication and support, IT services HR management, finance, accounting, and much more. We provide first-class customer services with the utmost care.

Your Partner for Business Process Outsourcing

Progressive Consultation

Every organization needs consultation to find the right solutions for their business processes. With a team of experts in the BPO domain, you can rest assured that your services are in safe hands. We not only do the job but will make a difference and add value to your business. We analyze your business and then offer solutions accordingly.

Complete Custom-made Services

One solution doesn’t fit all. IkonMytri offers exclusive business processes depending on the requirement. We are completely focused on developing comprehensive solutions that fulfill the multi-dimensional needs of our clients. We intend to exceed the expectations of our clients with our positive attitude and innovative service solutions.

Extensible and Timely Delivery

When you outsource your business processes to us, our main focus is to ensure continuity in our work and we strictly adhere to on-time project completion and delivery. We aim to optimize your business operations; this can only happen with constant work and expertise. Our professional team works dedicatedly to offer end-to-end services.

Business Continuity planning

Business is not the same always and there can some unforeseen situation. At IkonMytri, we offer business continuity plans that will help you identify and prepare for potential threats to your business. With our support, you can be prepared for events that may disrupt your smooth business process but our recovery plan will help you overcome it.